For This Purpose

“For this purpose came Christ Jesus into the world……”

Many have spoken on Jesus’ purpose for entering the world in flesh. The one purpose that I mainly hold to, which may very well encompass them all, is:  “…to undo the works of the Devil.”

So what or who is “the Devil”?  And what are its “works”?

You can make your own list.  Just be sure that Christ Jesus came into the world to undo its works, by His death and resurrection.  That is the victory.  That is the undoing.

By his death AND resurrection Christ Jesus defeated forever all the ‘works’ of the devil.  Therefore we have no fear, because we have nothing to fear as sons and heirs of the kingdom of God.  We have authority and we have power.

“For God has not given us a spirit  of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”  And what God has given to us in Christ Jesus no man or devil can take from us.  We can relax.  We can be at peace.  Because we KNOW that “For this purpose…. .”

Have a good life.  Walk in the light.  Live the victory.



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That Time Of Year

It is that time of year when we think of how great the preceding months have been.  Or, maybe how trying.

We think of all the people who have helped us, protected us, loved us.  We think of all the jobs successfully completed.  Of all the work we meant to do or tried to do that really did not happen.  We think of the pleasures and pleasurable moments.  We think of the fun and the laughter; yes, and the confusion and doubt that some people and situations posed for us.  All in all, we think of the calendar year now closing and the one about to begin as a teaching experience.

What did we learn?  What shall we learn?  Of ourselves and of others?

Perhaps we learned something more about God.  About His patience and ours.  About His love and ours.  About trust, obedience, self-control, dealing with fear.  About the strangeness of how “…all things work together for good to them who love God; who are the called according to His purpose.”

In learning more about God we learn about goodness (God is good), about holiness (Be ye holy for I am Holy, saith the Lord), about the efficacy of truth (the True and Faithful witness – the God of Truth), about the power of love (God is love).  As we learn to practice goodness, being Holy in thought and mind, being truthful, brotherly love, – we learn to be more who God wants us to be.

It is that time of year when we give thanks – REGARDLESS- because we KNOW we have a reason to REJOICE.

May our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ so shine in our heart and life that we bring peace and comfort where it is needed, in accordance with His will and purpose.

Let there Be Light!

In every corner of darkness or pain, let there be Light.


Light may not be what you feel is necessary when in pain or even in darkness, but Light is a healer.

Christ is the Light of Life, the Light of Men.

Dwell within the Light of Life, of Human compassion, but do not feel compelled to take pity on the “swine” who are not worthy of your pearl.  After all, we do not waste water on a truly arid patch which will refuse to be nourished.

Dwell within the Light of Men.  Dwell within Christ.  His Spirit is invincible!

Remember:  Pray.  Pray until you have a breakthrough of LIGHT.   This means continuing in prayer fervently.  It does not mean sitting in a corner crying.  🙂  This kind of prayer is not a Lament but an Expectant.

Go about your business, and because God Is, you shall have your breakthrough.  Just “occupy until He comes”.

And The Lord said….” Let there be Light!

What Is A Church?

Is it the Body Of Christ?  The sum total of Christ’s true disciples?

Is this Body, the body or embodiment of Truth?  “…and on this rock, I build my Church.”  ‘This rock’ was a word or statement, or confession of Truth.

What is then the “Universal Church”?  The body politic who acknowledge and confess Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour?

And the ” one Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church”?  What is that?

Think of your own ‘church’.  Your local meeting place where you go to assemble as a collective unit to visibly, and orally proclaim an identification with and a submission to the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ; and to Him.

What is it like?  Do you fit in?  How do you fit in?

Does it in its fullness of membership constitute a true part of the “one Holy and Apostolic Church?   Or is it merely a ‘housing’ for worship where the true and the godly can associate with the seekers, the fallen and those who wish the Body of Christ nothing good?  We are not to judge, but reason.  In reasoning, guard your Faith, and renew it every day.  And once you have Faith, PRAY.  Judas was not Thomas.  Thomas doubted and needed assurance.  Judas sold out!

I sometimes wonder when I read of a Church being attacked and some worshipers killed, whether any of the killed were a Judas, a Thomas or a Peter.   Which would you be?

Would it not be ironic if it so happened that those gunmen only killed the wolves in sheep’s clothing who were there only to sow hatred and strife?

Would it not be wonderful if some of them were true disciples and apostles of Jesus Christ who did not fear to take a bullet KNOWING their Faith was not in a ‘church’ or religion, but in Him?

Be aware.  Be careful. Be prepared.


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Acclaim God

“Let all the earth acclaim God.  Sing to the glory of His name, make His praise glorious.”

Psalm 66:1,2

give god the glory

This is an instruction.  An ORDER.  The Psalmist commands all the earth to acclaim God. We are commanded to “sing to the glory of His name, make His praise glorious.”

It is written, ‘the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof’. Therefore, “Let all the earth acclaim God.”

We must “sing to the glory of His name, make His praise glorious.”

Sing to the glory of God’s name.  His name is Holy.  Sing to its glorification.  Sing in sweet tones, rich melodies, or weakened voice, but “sing to the glory of His name”.  When we sing to the glory of His name, we, by consequence, make His praise glorious.

When we make his praise glorious (rich, true, pure, clean, wholehearted, free) we can cause an otherwise unresponsive Earth to ACCLAIM God.

The power is in the singing to the glory of His name, which makes His praise glorious, for as we sing that same glory fills our praise.




Genesis 17:10

“This is my covenant, which ye shall keep,  between me and you and thy seed after thee; Every man child among you shall be circumcised.”

God is faithful.  Should God in His wisdom make a covenant with you, keep it.  For God surely shall honour it.

After the circumcision by the flesh, comes the circumcision by the Holy Spirit.  God not only honoured His covenant, He provided through faith in Christ Jesus a ‘painless’ way in which we could continue to be partakers in His Holy Covenant.  Christ, Jesus, bore the pain for us.

Give thanks, and sing to Jesus your gratitude.

A Story Of Triumph

Old Tree In Front Of House

©Queen Hephzibah

Once upon a time there was a tree.  It was a very, very thick tree.  This tree stood in the middle of a pathway.

The tree, while on its own, was not alone.  Other trees lined the pathway; and some stood looking back towards its entrance welcoming family friends and visitors alike to the historic home.

There was a bench there.  It is there no longer, but it used to sit centred, against the boundary wall, thirty yards from the main gates and ten from the tradesman entrance which lay to its right. It was old worn grimy and weather-beaten.


There it did sit, up close to the rare orchids which everyone attended as favourably as they disdained the bench; for it no longer played host to anyone of good repute.

I sat there once.  I had slunk in by way of the tradesman entrance.  As I sat it reminded me that I was not and would never be its peer; and yes, I could rest as it was still sturdy, but we shared no affinity.

It drew my attention to the tree.  So lifting my tearful eyes and crying heart I looked at the tree.   I looked, and then I saw.

And this is what I saw.
I saw the years before and behind me.  I saw the history of my walk through life. I saw that the present circumstance was only a beginning.  A new beginning for which, through my current situation, I was well equipped.   I paused. I stared at the solidity of the tree.  I knew its wisdom and in knowing that, I knew my own.
I saw the power of the old tree and by introspection I also saw my own.
I saw the endurance and eternalness of all that is natural in life.  I saw the peace of a long life well lived in harmony with Self.

To look is to look at and to see is to observe to the point of knowledge.

I saw, and knew that all would be well.
My tears stopped flowing.


I got up from the bench and walked  towards the tree slowly.  I dare not go too close.  Dared not to touch the symbol of all that I then was and was to become.  In awe I walked until near enough to hear it, for hear  it I did. It spoke of love, of longing and yearning.  It spoke of a kernel lost stolen or misplaced,  and it spoke of this kernel’s love; of its longing and of its purity goodness innocence and desire to be near the old tree. Then it began to sing on the wind, of the kernel even then being strong; of its present circumstance;  and its future glory as it too became a mature tree; and of the life it would live, and the joy within it; and the beautiful days it would have in whatever place of Nature’s Kingdom it found itself; of how this kernel though now longing and yearning was not overwhelmed but understood the nature of things; of how the old tree’s  leaves were nourishing the kernel from where it was by sending it life, and good tidings, and its own wisdom and strength to bear well the weather that all good trees must have.   I listened, and when the song was over, the tree sighed within itself and became silent again. The wind was still.  I looked down  to the ground where  its roots must surely end and I too sighed.  A load had been lifted off me.  I smiled,  and this time as fresh tears trickled past my eyelashes, I knew that it was time to go – away from that place – for I no longer belonged there. I was free of the pain because I understood that a kernel becomes a sapling, and a sapling may bend and sway in Nature’s Garden, but it will not be broken.  It will spring and with each Spring it will be stronger healthier more knowledgeable of, and more secure in itself;  and the truth of its existence.
I left there, by the main gates, and headed up the road.  I glanced just briefly towards the passage which I knew led to a beautiful herb garden just behind the historic home.  Maybe next time, I thought, but now I had to go.
In my heart I thanked the Tree. I began to pray for the kernel even as it was growing.  I pictured it.  A sapling, a sapling!  No longer a mere seed but a sapling with roots and every thing that makes a sapling good. I felt happy.  I went home with my soul healed.  There were things to be done but I was no longer worried. I was ready.